How To Get 6 Pack Abs

When I first started training it was all about the gym, running and lifting weights. Lets face it when you think of getting fit you either sign up to a gym or start running.

But normally after a few weeks (and a lack of results) you start to get bored and give up. Sound familiar? That could describe 90% of people in January.

What we want are fast results without the need for a journey to the gym!

This is where Callisthenic training comes in.

As you may know Callisthenic training (also known as body weight exercises), are basically gross motor movement exercises that work large muscle groups.

It’s the control and stabilizing movements required, that give you the hard, strong body shape.

The first time I realised the affects of these big compound exercises was when I was selling Christmas trees one year.

I notice at the end of the 30 days my whole body had become lean and strong. I could feel all those little muscles that had been built while trying to control the weight of the trees.

I felt strong, and I liked it.

It’s a feeling I didn’t want to give up.

So I started to look into the best type of workouts and training that could give me the results, without having to lift trees all day.

Body weight & resistance training was the answer.

If you want 6-Pack abs that show, then you need a lean body with less than 7% body fat.

But lean DOESN’T have to mean being skinny!

When I first started bodyweight training there were two individuals that inspired me tremendously…

Their names are Lazar and Dusan. They are the founders of Bar Brothers.

One of the reasons I have followed them so closely is because both of them have achieved amazing results in a short period of time using calisthenics!

See the pictures below…

Bar Brothers

Amazing right?

In order to get results like this using calisthenics; you have to follow a specific plan that is proven…

If you have been trying to build muscle and get ripped using calisthenics, its time to get serious about your training. Watch there video to the end, it’s inspiring and you’ll see a special message from the Bar Brothers that will help you get a rock-hard body using only a bar.

Watch the Bar Brothers video here >>

The video shares how Dusan got started. He has an incredible physique now, but started off scrawny. This is something many of us could relate to.

If you want to build a ripped, balanced body then Calisthenics IS one of the most effective ways I know… IF you do it right.

Give it a try and let us know how you get on.

January 24, 2016
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